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ESD EVA Foam Sheets(Density 45)

Electrostatic Discharge EVA Foam  Sheets(Hardness 45)



Basic Information:

Material: Ethylene Vinyl Acetale

Sheet thickness:2-60mm

Surface Resistivity: 106-109Ω

Sheet Normal sizes:1MX2MX40MM,1MX2MX50MM,1.2MX2.4MX40MM,1.2MX2.4MX50MM,


Color:White/light grey/dark grey/beige/yellow/pink/red/light blue/dark blue/purple/green

Usage: package, storage, transport

Trademark: ASD

Packing: Packingwith PE film

Product description:

Electrostatic discharge EVA foam is a hi-tech product which has very good anti-static property and widely used to electric elements, power sources, integrated circuit, printed circuit board, optoelectronic devices communications, military products and other electronic products' package, storage and transportation because it will protect these sensitive components and goods from damage.




1. Stable and long term anti-static property: 

  Surface resistivity of dissipation type (CVP): 106~109 Ω

2. Superior shock absorbing, 

3. Waterproof 

4. Large load ability,

5. High strength: high compression resistance and good impact resistance

6. Light Weight: light and easy to transfer

7. Good chemical resistance

8. Better back glue characteristics

9. Easier processing