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IXPP Foam for Automotive Headliner & Interiors

The IXPP (irradiation cross-linked polypropylene) foam produced by ASD has good tensile strength and high temperature risistance which is complied with ISO-527-3 standard. It is widely used in automotive headliner and interiors, door panels, fascia board, thermal insulation industry, packaging industry and sports goods industry.

IXPP Introduction:

Irradiation cross-linked Polypropylene (IXPP) foam is a kind of high-performance closed cell foaming material which is made of polypropylene and various fillers, additive, and foaming agents various material. It can be widely used in the automotive interior, aerospace, ship machinery, leisure and other industries.

Physical Property                                                                                         

Color   customizable

Width   60-180cm 

Thickness   1-10mm

Density  67kg/m3

High Temperature Resistance  150° C

Tear Resistance vertical (Normal Temperature)  2170 KPa

Tear Resistance horizontal (Normal Temperature)   1350 kPa

Strength for 100% Tensile Rate vertical (Normal Temperature)   1170 kPa

Strength for 100% Tensile Rate horizontal (Normal Temperature)   950 kPa

Tensile Rate vertical (%) (Normal Temperature)   310%

Tensile Rate horizontal (%) (Normal Temperature)   390%

Tear Resistance vertical (High Temperature)   690 kPa

Tear Resistance horizontal (High Temperature)   330 kPa

Strength for 100% Tensile Rate vertical (High Temperature)   190 kPa

Strength for 100% Tensile Rate horizontal (High Temperature)   160 kPa

Tensile Rate vertical (%) (High Temperature)   690%

Tensile Rate horizontal (%) (High Temperature)   1020%

Tensile Strength (Mpa)  180kPa

IXPP Characteristics:

Excellent tensile, compression properties.

Soft, light-weighted, and flexible

Good noise reduction, thermal insulation, water-proof

Shock absorption

Stable size after heating

High temperature resistance

Good weather resistance and aging behaviour

IXPP foam post processing:

The thermoformability and compression moulding features of IXPP foam make it available to be combined with non-woven fabrics, velvets, kintted fabrics, leather, fibrofelt, PP board, PU board, PS board, glass fiber board by hot melt gum, compression moulding, lamination or casting method to form automobile interiors, the whole technology is non-pollution.

IXPP Applications:

IXPP foam is mainly used in interior decoration, interior ceiling, door panels, sun shield, truck liner, fascia board of automotive and boats. It is also used in  thermal insulation industry, packaging industry, construction industry, house appliances and sports goods industry.

IXPP foam is popular among automotive manufacturers when used in automotive as interior materials because of its properties of good sound insulation, heat insulation and no hazardous substance.