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Conductive IXPE Foam

Conductive IXPE Foam Roll(Density 50kg/m3)

Basic Information: 


Sheet thickness: 2-10mm

Length & Width: As customer's request


Usage:package, storage, transport

Density:30-100 Kg/M3

Plastic Properties After Heated:Thermoplastic Plastics

Plastic Forming Method:Extrusion

Product description:

Conductive/ESD IXPE foam is a ray-crosslinked closed cell polyethylene  foaming product which has very good antistatic property, superior shock absorbing, waterproof, non-toxic and high compression resistance properties. It can be customed to different shapes and sizes.


1. Stable and long term anti-static property: 

   Surface resistivity of conductive type (CVP): 103~105Ω 

2. Superior shock absorbing,   

3. Waterproof  

4. Large load ability,

5. High strength: high compression resistance and good impact resistance

6. Light Weight: light and easy to transfer

7. Good chemical resistance

8. Better back glue characteristics

9. Easier processing